Winning With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

11.4.10 @ TEDx Albany

Everywhere you turn there is more evidence of the world's increasingly scarce resources. In this age of scarcity, a new type of creativity is required--one that embraces limitations as the pathway to innovation. Learn how boundaries and limitations are often the key to increased creativity, productivity, and purpose, and how you can leverage this truth to secure a competitive advantage in any situation.



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Secrets of Social Networking Success

3.26.09 @ OCAR

We begin this 60 minute seminar by examining the three most important concepts behind the success of the most influential social networkers including Gary Vaynerchuk, Whole Foods Market, and Zappos. Then we profile some of the most popular social networks of the day (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & ActiveRain) to help you understand their purpose and potential. Finally, we look at four tips that you can use to efficiently manage your social networks, and use them to drive business to you.

How to Win Friends In The Digital Age


In this 30 minute seminar we examine some of the most important principles to building meaningful relationships. See how we can learn from our dogs, our own habits, and even Michael Scott how to win friends in the digital age.

Fun University: Make Work More Fun

5.20.09 @ Agua Caliente Casino

There is an undeniable link between success and the ability to have fun in the workplace. In just 45 minutes we'll examine three of the biggest social phenomenons that have catapulted companies like Apple, Google, and FedEx into undeniable success. Then we'll expose 4 areas of your business to reexamine to make your work more fun, and set you on the track for success.

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